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About Nan Clute

I'm Nan.


I am a spirited yoga and meditation teacher, creative designer, avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast and now - after ten years of full-time RV travel - a homeowner/DYI project fan and gardener.


My intention is to Live Inspired.

I find motivation from nature and enjoy creating unique, colorful, well-crafted items and inspirational photographs.


Living an active lifestyle, I love learning new things and enjoy living an uncomplicated life. My frequent traveling adventures give me the freedom to explore new places and experience this ever-changing world with my husband, Tom.


There is immense joy in enjoying simple things. In no particular order...I am a fan of good health, fresh food, yoga, strenuous hikes, sweet dogs, nice people, the undervalued color orange, watching NBA games, red wine, swimming, tennis and exploring this beautiful world we live in. My new focus is learning how to body board.


Contact me here!

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