Botanical Balms

Nan Clute Designs Botanical Balms soothe, heal and soften dry, rough skin and nails. They feel like an indulgent elixir as you massage them into your skin.

Made from herbs and flowers I grow or forage, each botanical is air dried, then infused into grape seed oil for at least 21 days. Once the oil is ready, I brew up an amazing mixture of botanical infused oil, pure beeswax and essential oils to create unique blends:

Basil Eucalyptus – Energize



Reduces infection

Eases sore muscles

Softens chapped lips & nose


Calendula Lavender – Relax


Heals wounds, burns, scrapes, eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, diaper rash, dry skin

Cools sunburn

Relieves headaches


Lemon Balm Lemongrass – Invigorate

Reduces stress & promotes rest

Heals cold sores & skin infections

Reduce dermatitis

Eases muscle pain




Spearmint Peppermint – Cleanse

Increases mental clarity

Cleanses respiratory system

Relieves pain, headaches & fatigue

Softens scar tissue

Decreases cold symptoms


Wild Nettle Sweet Orange – Focus


Reduces hay fever & allergy symptoms

Heals wounds

Increases focus & improves mood


$9 each

3 for $25 (free shipping)

Please contact me for orders of 4 or more for $7.50 each

There are limited quantities of some blends

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