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Simply inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Take three deep breaths to bring you back to center. Our breath alone is the most available, most accessible and most consistent method we have to create our own peace. Our breath brings us to a zen state of being present, relax a bit and calmly assess a situation. Before you say harsh words or take unmindful action, take three breaths. It is easier and more efficient to take a moment to get centered before taking reckless action, rather than having to undo the hurt and miscommunication that can happen without thinking things through and understanding the issue at hand. Feel the spiritual expansiveness that then results from taking action from a place of being centered and zen.

Take a moment.


Cannon Beach, Oregon

"I create my own zen aura

through my breath."

Yoga Pose: Walking Meditation

Sometimes the effort to sit still and meditate is difficult. When the need to move is there, try a walking meditation. It is not about working out, mileage, pace or heart rate. Nor is it just a walk on the beach. It is about breathing in nature, being consciously aware of each step and finding a rhythm. Once you achieve that rhythm, you can go forever. Find your zen zone. Take a walking meditation.

Foundation. Start in Tadasana - Mountain Pose. Set your intention.

Start walking.

Torso. Lengthen your spine. Relax the shoulders.

Arms. Gently swing your arms.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Keep your head in a neutral position. Gaze slightly ahead.

Timing. Find your cadence and steady your breath. Continue walking for as long as you want. Let your mind quiet and enjoy the fresh air, amazing views and positive energy of Mother Earth.


Surf Beach, Lompoc, California

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