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There are times in life when we just need to jump in, feet first, and take the leap of faith that everything will work out. Maybe it is starting a new business or new chapter in your life. Maybe it is trying a new food or a new way of thinking. Maybe it is letting go of an old approach to make room for the next adventure. There is a theory that repeated cold water immersion builds endurance, fortitude and tolerance. If you have ever plunged into a cold water pool, lake or shower, you probably experienced the gasp of exhilaration that happens when you submerge yourself. It makes you feel energetic and awake. You might not be up for a cold water plunge, but jumping into a new experience or passion can have a similar effect. As long as what you are about to jump into does not harm others, go for it! See what happens.

Feel A L I V E !

Lake Weallup, Tulalip, Washington

"I jump in, feet first, with no hesitation."

Yoga Pose: Standing Back Bend Pose Anuvittasana

Feel the exhilaration of cold water as you open your heart to new possibilities.

Foundation. Start with your feet parallel, about hip width apart in Tadasana. Set your intention.

Stance. With your weight equally distributed on both feet, engage your thighs and soften your buttocks. Lengthen your legs, yet keep a softness in the knees, with a slight bend. Start to press your hips slightly forward.

Torso. Keep your torso and upper body upright in the center with your spine elongated and your pelvis in neutral.

Arms. Start with your hands together in Anjuli Mudra (prayer). Leave your right hand at your heart. Then as you raise your left arm to the sky, create a gentle back bend, lifting your heart to the sky. Do not drop your weight into your low back.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Gaze upward, keeping a curve in your neck without dropping your head. Hold for several breaths. Return to Tadasana.


Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona (much gratitude to photographer Heather Bryant)

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