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To WAKE is to rouse from apathy, sleep or an inactive period. Just as the sun rises each morning after a dark night and nature wakes after a long winter, we need to shake off the lethargy of having been confined due to poor weather, short days or compromised health. Every morning, yawn, stretch and open your eyes to the endless possibilities of the day ahead. When the day breaks, drink in the energy and joy of the new day with all its opportunities and adventures. Wake up. Live your life to the fullest.

Morning Mist, Oregon House, California

"I wake to live a full life."

Yoga Pose: Standing Side Bend

Stretch your side body to wake deep muscles. Start your day with this pose to create an open and centered attitude.

Foundation. Start in Tadasana - Mountain Pose. Set your intention.

Stance / Legs. Keep your weight balanced evenly between both feet.

Torso. Lengthen the spine. Relax the shoulders.

Arms. Sweep your arms up overhead. Touch your hands together, interlace your fingers, then stretch your index fingers up.

Move. Lengthen your spine as you tip to your left side. Try to not collapse your left side body, as you lengthen your right side body.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Keep your head in a neutral position. Smile.

Timing. Take several long, slow, deep breaths. Exhale to come out of the pose. Release your arms down to your sides and return to Tadasana.


[Repeat on the other side]

Washington Park, Anacortes, Washington

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