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In Spring, Mother Nature shakes off the dullness, darkness and drab gray of Winter to emerge shining bright, radiant and brilliant. In the swampy, wetlands of the forest, even the unusually named Skunk Cabbage finds its moment in the sun to shine brilliantly with golden spathes contrasting with vibrant green leaves. As you release the quiet Yin energy of Winter, find your reason to shine bright. Embrace your intelligence, talents and positive energy. Let go of what no longer serves you and move into the light. Find your reason to live brilliant.

Western Skunk Cabbage, Seaside, Oregon

"Live Brilliant."

Yoga Pose: Wide Legged Forward Fold with Half Lift Ardha Prasarita Padottanasana

Not as deep as the full forward fold version, half lift lengthens the spine and strengthens core muscles and lets your heart shine bright.

Foundation. From standing in Tadasana, step or jump your feet 3-4 feet apart. Make sure the inner edges of your feet are parallel to each other. Place your hands on your hips. Set your intention.

Move. Exhale. Maintain a long torso and fold forward from the top of the thighs into the hip creases. As your torso approaches parallel to the floor, reach down and set fingertips on the ground below your torso.

Legs. Push your top thighs straight back to help lengthen the front torso, then widen the base of your pelvis. Take a few breaths.

Torso. Continue to lengthen the front of your torso. Elongate the spine, but focus on lengthening the front body.

Arms. Release your shoulders away from your ears. For a less intense pose, allow your elbows to soften.

Gaze. Stay in the pose for several breaths. To come out, bring your hands back to your hips. Inhale and bring the torso back up to standing upright, moving from the hips. Walk or hop your feet back into Tadasana.


Newport Aquarium, Newport, Oregon

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