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A desirable goal, choice or lifestyle is one that is worth focusing on for its potential to offer a pleasing and excellent outcome. But unlike coveting, which is wanting without regarding the rights of others, positive desirability offers a chance to find the extraordinary within the ordinary, without causing hurt or collateral damage. Take a moment to reset your view of every day experiences. An ordinary stump becomes a beautiful flower if seen with a new perspective. Desire invites the soul to expand by reaching out beyond our perceived limitations, embracing the world around us and taking risks to find our passion in life. Your goals have no limits. What is your heart's deepest desire?

Chehalis, Washington

"I set desirable goals."

Yoga Pose: Easy Pose Sukasana

Sit in easy pose to take quiet time to assess your body, mind and spirit. In the quiet of this reflective time, find your heart's desire. Give it a name. Make it real. Focus on it. Sukasana offers a gentle way to sit with yourself and breathe.

Foundation. Start from a seated position with your legs extended. Set your intention.

Legs. Bend your right knee and tuck your heel near your pelvis. Then bring your left heel in to snug up near your right heel. Let your knees descend toward the floor.Keep your thighs relaxed. If flexibility is limited, slide your feet away from your pelvis. Support your lower thighs with blocks if it feels like your knees are floating in air and it is a lot of effort to hold them there.

Arms. Bring your hands together in front of your heart in Anjuli Mudra (prayer). Let your elbows point down.

Torso. Lengthen your spine, while you continue to root down through your pelvis to fully connect to the ground, drawing energy from Mother Earth. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward. Lift through the top of your sternum without pushing your front ribs forward.

Gaze. Close your eyes, gaze inward. Breathe. Set your mind free. Pause. Connect with yourself. Think about a desirable goal. Breathe it in. To come out of the pose, draw your knees together, placing the soles of your feet on the ground and rise to a standing position. You have just taken the first step toward achieving your heart's desire.


Sukasana, Anywhere, USA

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