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To DISCOVER is to notice, realize or reveal something previously unknown. During this time of world change, what will you discover about yourself? As you stay in place and slow the pace of life, will you find that you love to...Create? Relax? Complain? Accept? Cook? Argue? Read? Organize? Work out? Nitpick? Garden? Play? Will you find that instead of practicing yoga in the evening due to your schedule, that you are actually a morning yogi? Will you discover new things about your family and those you love? Take time now to discover what delights you. What your passions, interests and dreams truly are. Discover what makes you "you." Discover yourself.

Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

"I take time now to discover a new way

to approach my goals."

Yoga Pose: Child's Pose Balasana

Child's Pose offers an opportunity to move deep inside ourselves. A yin - quiet - pose. Do you always assume the same position? How can you approach this pose in a different way? Knees together. Knees apart. Arms extended. Arms at sides. Energy active. Energy relaxed.

Foundation. Start in a kneeling position. Set your intention.

Move. Keeping your buttocks against your heels, fold forward. If keeping your knees together, rest your torso on your thighs, If your knees are wide apart, let your torso drape between your thighs.

Lengthen. Let your spine extend and lengthen. Tighten your shoulders, then release. Place your forehead on the earth. Take a deep breath and on the exhalation, let your body relax.

Arms. Lift and extend your arms to reach as far forward as you can or, alternatively, wrap your arms around the outside of your thighs.

Gaze. Soften your gaze or close your eyes and go within. Take this time to discover something new about the pose. About yourself.


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