To EXULT is to show or feel a lively, triumphant joy or to be highly elated or jubilant. There are times in life when we just know there is an energy greater than us. When Mother Nature shows her phenomenal power or a perfect creation, it humbles us. Our souls fill with wonder and awe. But these moments also energize us. Exult in the knowledge that you are alive to witness the power of the Universe.

In the desert outside Capitol Reef National Park, Teasdale, Utah

"Exult in the power of Nature."

Yoga Pose: Pure Joy Jump

Not technically a yoga pose, simply a powerful expression of the joy that yoga brings when the union happens between Body, Mind and Spirit.

Foundation. Find a ledge or a raised platform. Set your intention.

Move. Throw your arms out wide as you jump for joy!

(be sure to bend your knees when you land)

Gaze. Open your eyes. Smile. Laugh. Let childlike energy fill your heart. Exult!


Mesa Verde National Park, Cortez, Colorado

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