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To GRACE is to confer honor on someone or something with respect. When one acts with grace, she or he creates a gentle peacefulness and demonstrates a strength of character. Moving gracefully through life does not diminish one's capacity to lead and influence others, but instead allows one's light to shine bright, enhancing the lives of those around them. Do you move with grace and ease? Where in your life can you create a graceful presence? Can you touch someone with...Forgiveness - Tolerance - Gentleness - Support - Love?

Surf Beach, Lompoc, California

"I choose to move through my life,

with intention, awareness and grace."

Yoga Pose: Lord Shiva of Life Pose Tandavasana

This graceful pose honors Lord Shiva, the deity who destroys the cycle of time to create anew. Lord Shiva sweeps away illusions and ignorance.

Foundation. Start in Tadasana - Mountain Pose. Place your hands in Anjali Mudra (prayer position). Set your intention.

Stance. Lengthen and open the front of the body. Place your right foot about 8-12" to the outer left side your left foot. Keep the right heel off the ground and balance on the toes of the right foot.

Torso. Keep your torso and upper body upright in the center with your spine elongated and your pelvis in neutral. Let your weight shift to the left side, expanding the side body. Create a side bend (C shape) and allow the toes of the right foot to support the weight.

Arms. Sweep your left arm overhead, keeping the wrist flexed as an intentional hand gesture. Keep your right hand in an active half prayer position.

Gaze. Finish the pose by gazing down diagonally to the right. Reverse the moves to come out of the pose.


[Repeat on second side]

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Payson, Arizona

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