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When curiosity gets the best of you and you just have to know - why something exists, how something works or what makes something unique, your mind expands and your focus goes right to that question. You are intrigued. You are fascinated. You want to know more. So often the belief is that mediation empties the mind. Some forms of mediation can do exactly that. But there are other forms of meditation used to ease stress and find center. Laser focus is one type of mindful mediation. It can allow one to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else, calming the mental clutter within our monkey mind.

Palmetto State Park, Ottine, Texas

"Life intrigues me."

Yoga Pose: Gate Pose Parighasana

Allow the gate to a full life to swing open. Let your intrigue lead the way to new adventures and knowledge.

Foundation. Start in a kneeling position, standing on your knees. Set your intention.

Stance. Extend your left leg out to the left side, with your toes and kneecap facing straight up to the sky. Keep your right thigh perpendicular to the earth and your lower right leg bent at a 90 degree angle.

Legs. Lengthen through your left heel as you draw the left toes back, flexing your foot. Allow the energy on your right side to flow upwards. Keep the left femur (thigh bone) nestled in the left socket.

Arms. Extend your arms out to the sides. As you move into the pose, the left hand rests on the left leg. Your right arm stretches overhead and then curves to the left.

Move. Bend at the hinge of your left hip and allow your torso to lengthen out over the left leg. Keep both sides of your torso evenly expanded, without collapsing on the left side.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Look straight ahead, up towards the right hand or down towards your left leg.

Timing. Hold for 30 seconds or longer. Return to center and back to a kneeling position.


[Repeat on the other side]

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, Washington

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