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To NOURISH is to cherish, foster, keep alive and strengthen. Most days, many of us are busy taking care of the necessities of life. Then add in a changing landscape of what is happening in society, and it begins to feel a bit overwhelming. As we move through challenging times, what is it that makes your heart sing? Maybe it is a walk in nature or playing with a child. Cooking a scrumptious meal. Reading a good book. Connecting with a friend. A quiet moment of meditation. Gardening. A beautiful view. Yoga. Take time every day to nourish your soul with something that simply makes you happy.

Columbia River, Crescent Bar, Washington

"When I nourish my soul,

I re-energize my world."

Yoga Pose: Half Moon Pose Ardha Chandrasana

Feel your spirit soar and nourish your soul as you move into Half Moon Pose.

Foundation. Start in Trikonasana (triangle pose) to the right side.

Move. Inhale and bend your right knee. Start to slide your left foot forward. Push off of your left foot and start to lift your left leg. Reach your right arm forward, extending your arm about a foot or more forward of the little toe of the right foot. Straighten your right knee, without locking it. Continue lifting the left leg till it is parallel to the ground or a bit higher. Extend through the left heel to keep the left leg fully engaged.

Torso. Rotate your upper torso to the left.

Hips & Stability. Keep the eyes of the hip bones facing forward. Lengthen the spine, energizing the pose. Balance. Use a block for your right hand if that feels right to you.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Keep neck in a neutral position. Gaze slightly downward or forward or upward. Stay for 30 seconds or longer. To come out of the pose, exhale, return the left leg to the ground, back to triangle pose.


[Repeat on the other side]

Castroville Regional Park, Castroville, Texas

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