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In this time of great divide, what does it take to find some common ground and accept others with an open-hearted, graceful and gentle approach? When you come across someone who is kind, unreserved and warm, it brightens your day. Be that person. Dig deep. It can be difficult, but even a spiky, rigid cactus can create beauty and offer love.

Rockhound State Park, Deming, New Mexico

"I am open-hearted and

accept myself and others as they are."

Yoga Pose: Padma Mudra Gesture of the Lotus Flower Pose

A sweet, gentle mudra, often used during a standing pose or at the end of a practice. Imagine a beautiful lotus flower blooming in your hands.

Foundation. Come into a standing or seated position. Set your intention.

Torso. Elongate your spine. Root down through your feet or sit bones.

Arms/Hands. Place your hands together in Anjuli Mudra (prayer position). Spread your fingers wide apart then, keeping the base of your palms together, allow your hands to bloom into a flower as you keep the thumbs, little fingers and base of the palms joined together,

Gaze. Bow your head. Gaze into your flower. Repeat your intention.


Washington Park on the Puget Sound, Anacortes, Washington

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