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Renew your sense of wonder by going outdoors and exploring a new area or finding a new butterfly in your familiar garden. Meet new people, observe different cultures, try a new food or recipe to renew your enthusiasm for the unknown. The world is just waiting to be experienced..busy cities, quiet countrysides, rural parks, urban gardens, natural wonders all await you. Choose just one thing to renew in your life today. An old friendship or a commitment to your passions or the belief that most people are kind. Renew your sense of wonder.

Dry Run Creek, Norfolk Fish Hatchery, Mountain Home, Arkansas

"I renew my spirit by exploring the unknown."

Yoga Pose: Warrior III Virabhadrasana

Balance poses feel familiar yet new every time they are practiced as our energy, strength, focus and determination fluctuate daily.

Foundation. Begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Set your intention.

Move. Inhale and lift your left leg up behind you as you shift your weight into your right leg. Press your left heel away from your body as if you were pressing your foot against a wall. Firm the right hip towards the mid-line. Continue to lengthen and strengthen the right leg.

Torso. As you press the left heel back, tilt forward and allow your torso to come parallel with the ground.

Arms. Reach your arms back along your side body, stretching your fingers long. Release your shoulders away from your ears.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Keep neck extended, yet soft. Gaze at the ground slightly forward of your position. Balance here for several breaths. To come out of the pose, exhale, release the left foot to the ground and return to standing upright.


[Repeat on the other side]

Rails to Trails Path, Park City, Kentucky

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