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Every year in Autumn, Mother Earth offers a display of stunning beauty as we start the transition from active summer to quiet winter. Each and every time, it is mesmerizing. Pay attention. It is a fleeting moment of the year. As the days fly by, the leaves drop, changing the landscape from full and lush to stark and bare. As you live your life, what continues to mesmerize you and make you think, "This is my life?" Acknowledge the moments - however small - that stun you and make you say "Wow!"

Wenberg Park at Lake Goodwin, Marysville, Washington

"I embrace the stunning moments of my life."

Yoga Pose: High Plank Pose Kumbhakasana

Be amazed by the strength in your body in this stunning pose.

Foundation. Start in a kneeling position. Firm and broaden your shoulder blades. Set your intention.

Move. On an exhalation, slowly bend forward and plant your hands on the ground below your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide apart. Press down firmly with the heel of your hands, the mounds of the fingers and the fingertips. If you have wrist or shoulder issues, set your hands slightly forward of your shoulders or make fists to support you. Keep your spine long, engage your core and do not let your mid-section drop below your pelvis.

Legs. Step one foot back, then the other. Keep your legs fully engaged and active. Press your heels away from your shoulders, flexing your feet. Press all your toes into the earth. Keep your knee caps lifted toward your pelvis. Keeping your legs fully engaged and strong, allow a softness in your knees.

Note: Setting your knees on the ground, reduces the intensity of the pose. Raising your legs on a step or block, increases the intensity.

Arms. With your elbows almost straight, allow your arms to externally rotate so the elbow creases start to face forward. Continue to broaden the back body.

Head. Drop your chin slightly down towards your chest (the feeling of creating a double chin), then press the back of your head towards the sky, to lengthen your neck.

Gaze. Soften your gaze and look slightly forward, without bending your neck. Hold for up to one minute. Lengthen the hold each time you practice, eventually working your way to a three-minute hold. Exhale to come out of the pose either by releasing gently to the earth or pressing yourself in to Downward Facing Dog.


Capulin Volcanic Monument, Capulin, New Mexico

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