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Yin & Yang

Due to schedules and deadlines, work and responsibilities, our lives often require an overriding need for Yang energy - the strong, active, bright, masculine energy that allows us to get it all done. Yet, the Yin of life is equally as important. Our Yin side is our quiet, soft, reflective, feminine energy. The energy that is needed to regroup, organize and refill the creative well of our souls. Without the Yin of life, there is too much activity, too much noise and too much unfocused energy. Follow Mother Nature's lead and embrace the Yin of life (she gives us Winter). Take time to sit quietly. To think. To just be. But just as when there is too much Yang energy and too much heat is generated, having too much Yin energy makes you sluggish, dark, cold and unproductive. Seek to find the balance.

Be Yang.

Be Yin.

Be equally both.

Beautiful, balanced energy.

Saguaro Cacti, Salome, Arizona

"I embrace my Yin side

to balance my Yang energy."

Yoga Pose: Tree Pose Vrikasana

A balance pose is a simple way to see if your energy is balanced between the Yang quality of strength and effort and the Yin quality of soft and yielding. This pose can be done anywhere, anytime without the need for special props.

Foundation. Start in Tadasana - Mountain Pose. Set your intention.

Stance. Shift your weight into your right leg, maintaining a strong foundation through your right foot. Keep your right leg straight without locking your knee.

Legs. Lift your left foot up and place the sole of your foot against the inner side of your right leg. Use your hands if necessary to place it where you want it - as simple as by your ankle or as intense as your upper thigh. Keep your left knee pointed out to the left side.

Torso. Lengthen your spine. Relax the shoulders.

Arms. Allow your arms to float up and stretch your fingertips the reach towards the sky in a wide "Y" expression of the pose.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Keep your head in a neutral position. Gaze slightly upward. Smile.

Timing. Stay balanced for several breaths. Take a moment to explore how it feels to overuse your Yang energy (intense and rigid) then shift to overuse your Yin energy (too soft, almost falling out of the pose). Balance the two energies to find a brilliant, strong, yet gentle, stance. To come out of the pose, set your left foot back on the Earth. Return to Tadasana.


[Repeat on the other side]

Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cocino National Forest, Cottonwood, Arizona

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