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To ZIGZAG is to change direction at sharp angles. Although the shortest route up the mountain you face may be straight up...the prettier, more enjoyable and less arduous route is to zigzag up the mountain. This gives you time to breathe, take in the scenery and pace yourself. Stay focused on your goals, but allow yourself to enjoy the journey.

Stevens Pass, Cascade Mountains, Skykomish, Washington

"I zigzag through the challenges of life

to achieve my goals."

Yoga Pose: Warrior II Virabhadrasana

At the top of the mountain, pause to look around, then take your Warrior pose to new heights by adding a balance element by finding a new foundation.

Foundation. Start in Tadasana - Mountain Pose. Set your intention.

Stance. Step your feet apart so that the outer borders of your feet align with your wrists when your arms are spread wide. Turn your left foot out 90 degrees. Turn your back toes slightly to the left. The left knee cap should align with the center of the left ankle.

Exhale and bend your left knee towards 90 degrees. Press the outer right heel firmly to the ground.

Torso. Keep your torso and upper body upright in the center with your chest and and shoulders still facing center. Shoulders stay directly over the pelvis.

Arms. Lift and expand your arms to shoulder height. Release your shoulders away from your ears.

Gaze. Soften your jaw and eyes. Turn your gaze to land on your left fingertips.


[Repeat on right side]

Cathedral Gorge State Park, Panaca, Nevada

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